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This is a cartoon that he’s making real to us, but that doesn’t mean it ever stops being a cartoon.Speaking of being a cartoon, there’s also the fact that this train has almost literally no economy of any kind, cementing stagnation among the populace.You’ll notice I haven’t really been addressing the film’s substance, but it’s not as if there’s any lacking.Admittedly, this is partially because I don’t want to spoil the film for you (I still won’t), but your overall enjoyment of will very much depend upon how you project your politics into the narrative and how much thought you give it, and too often are films given a misleading wrap based on how those projections from viewers manifested into poor judgment of quality.For a movie that takes place in the tight corridors and stuffy rooms of a locomotive, the action scenes are remarkably varied.There’s one fight staged almost entirely through a single tracking shot, one that shifts perspectives to the bad guys and makes the battle look like a videogame, and one that goes full . Whether he has to bring in a hotshot but even more needlessly evil new character halfway through the film – who gets no background and maybe one line of dialogue total, or turn entire drunken and drug-addled rave into a mob for no real reason, Bong really shows his determination to give the audience a good time. It’s that reason perhaps most of all why I think works just fine.

Stored in the category "People" and our contributor was tagged: Action, Adult, Checkered Shirt, Falling, Guy, Man.Strictly taking what the story provides, it’s quite clear that wants you to see how natural it is for the institutions and social structures of man – no matter how necessary or conceptually wonderful they seem – to devolve into despotism, unleashing perpetual oppression upon the weak. With all that said, many people (critics included) will likely draw a lot more from it than that.It also opts to demonstrate how power and social order – in the way human beings understand them – often operate on lies and endure through concealment of how broken and unsustainable said social structures actually are and perhaps always have been. Some will see it as a manifesto for modern classist revolution or a call to action against global warming so to avoid the wrath of another ice age.The rich have nothing to do but relax, party, and ingest all the food and drugs they want.

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And the poor have nothing to do except eat the same sludge and stew in their own filth and misery.

He makes them that way in part to relax your brain so he can poke at it with more difficult questions at the end.