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apache2 0 52 centos server at dating ru port 8080-49

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Usually it is simply a permissions issue, you can just run php-cgi as root , make sure the "root" points to the same directory as it in "location /" in the same server.

Or you may just set root as global, do not define it in any location section.

If the files are located within a home directory, (e.g.

This is because the Fast CGI server has not been started.

Default behavior is that nginx redirects any requests to the value given as server_name in the config. Are you sure whatever user configured in the Nginx configuration is able to read the correct files?Although still in beta, Nginx is known for its stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.Nginx In the following example we are going to setup a simple web server to serve our static web pages to explain the basics.Visit the URL: your browser, and you will find PHP has worked well with Nginx.

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The Ruby on Rails wiki has tutorials on configuring Ruby for Nginx.

Most Likely you do not have the SCRIPT_FILENAME containing the full path to you scripts.