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Cresson, the Society proceeded to the nomination of a Librarian, in compliance with Sec. Les- le}' was nominated for election to that office: after which, on motion, the nomination was closed. 3S5, 3S6 and 3S7, were read, and the Society was adjourned. r1n/y / PROCEEDINGS AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY HELD AT PHILADELPHIA PROMOTING USEFUL KNOWLEDGE Vol. The judges and clerks of the annual election, held this day for officers of the Society, repoi'ted that the following named members were elected officers of the Society for the ensuing year: — Presif]e7it. 141, was slow of mean solar time the same night (at 10//. The observations at the same Rock Island Station which was before occupied, were as follows, viz. The second one is as follows, viz : — 80 Determination of the difference of Longitude between Chicago and the City of Rock Island, Illinois^ by electric signals for com- parisons of time, Jidy 29th, 1859. 2557, fast of sidereal time for this station, August 12th, 1858 (at 207^. sidereal) - 1 04 31.49 By comparison — Chronometer No. y a mean of the two sets of signals, - 11 45.69 79 h. It was made the occasion of a second determination of the longitude of that place, depending on the time-observations at Chicago given under the dates of July 28th and 31st, the time-observations at the City of Rock Island of July 29th, as given below, and the electric signals of that night. Considering all circumstances we are inclined to assign equal weight to the two de- terminations.

Account of the remains of a fossil extinct reptile recently discovered at Haddonfield, N. , „ 31.07 125 22 30 19 10 23.1 24 11 56.5 „ „ 09.80 , „ 31.37 126 08 00 19 12 31.9 24 09 49 „ „ 10.45 „ , „ 32.02 2d Result. time) - - - - - 1 04 31.57 1st Result, as above, by E. 2557, last of sidereal time for this station (at 20//.

By 14 pairs of eqval altitudes of a Cygni: — Chronometer No.

Professor Treii;o hiid upon the table a mineral deposite from the hot springs of Munnikurrun, in the immediiitc vicinity of the eternal snows of the Himalayas, about SOO miles north of Simla, in Upper India.