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Upon their arrival, they encountered 44-year-old Carlos Alberto Amarillo waiting patiently in the street, Bible in hand. He reported to the dispatcher that he had “assassinated” two females inside the home.As police entered the master bedroom, they found Estrella lying on a bed with a pillow over her face.Many of us think that people are too sophisticated today to believe in such nonsense. This list examines these modern evils, shedding light on present-day attacks and cold-blooded murders brought on by superstitious beliefs and the irrational fear of witches and witchcraft.In April 1998, a man broke into the home of Modesta Navarro Nieves and accused her of casting a witch’s spell on him.Eleven years passed before Santiago Iniguez Olivares was brought to justice.Believing the murder had been forgotten, Olivares, then 78, returned to the sleepy town in western Mexico, only to be arrested while walking to a bus station.Involvement with these “potions” is punishable by death in a nation of absolute monarchy governed by strict sharia law.

Sadly, Tanya’s mother lay dead in an attack that was intended to murder the whole family.

By tradition, such an infant is taken to a tree where his brains are bashed against the bark of the trunk.

More compassionate parents abandon the infant in a bush and leave him for dead.

When most of us think of witch slayings, we conjure up images of the famous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 or similar old-time panics.

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By our modern standards, crazy beliefs back then led to the executions of innocent people wrongly accused by delusional neighbors.

In 2007, pharmacist Mustafa Ibrahim was beheaded for practicing magic after he walked into a bathroom holding the Quran.