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The book kick-started my girl crush on Markham and inspired me to novelize her life— but I soon learned there were many, many closer-cutting stories she didn't touch on in her book, stories she guarded like a sphinx.Her talent was for secrecy, rather than discretion, and the practice of arch silence in the face of the gossip that arced behind her every move like a neon contrail.She was far too good-looking, so she was sent packing.

Since building a farm out of nothing monopolized Clutterbuck's energy, and Markham's mother Clara very quickly abandoned the family to return to England, Markham became every inch the enfant sauvage, spear-hunting in the bush and in the Mau Forest with her childhood friend Kibii, a Kipsigis warrior-in-training, and testing herself on the thorny edges of her world.Iconoclasts are born, surely, but more often they come smoking from the forge of highly particular circumstances and (unfortunately requisite) suffering. English born, the pioneering aviatrix lived most of her life in the British East African Protectorate, which became the Kenya Colony in 1920 before breaking from foreign rule in 1963, under the leadership of prime minister and president Jomo Kenyatta, to become the Republic of Kenya.