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Don't agree at all that class b is meant for enrollments of 100 or less in the upper 4 grades of H. If your under 325 your "B", over 325 your "A", I'm like plenty of "B" fans, like to see the smalls do well but if Dickinson Trinity, Oak Grove, Bishop Ryan, etc.make it to state, congrats to them, it's part of what the "B" is right now & I don't see it changing anytime soon, nor does it need to change IMO.Access the complete 1920 Census Index Florida Census Records Florida Genealogy Search Florida Genealogy Resources at Roots Web Florida Tombstone Transcription Project Florida USGen Web Archives Florida USGen Web Project Florida Vital Records Instant Death Record Search Mailing Lists for Florida Genealogy Obituary Indexes Today's Headline Obituaries Family Trees of Famous Folks Instant People Search Search National Phone Directories Census Search Engines Social Security Death Index Vital Records Search Bible Record Transcriptions Search for old Family Bibles Surname Search Portal Mormon Church Search Ellis Island Search More Passenger Lists UK Genealogy Search Engines US Genealogy Search Engines Roots Web Search Past Sheriffs of the United States Prison & Sex Offenders State Genealogy Resources Family Historian News Genealogy Links With this large collection of newspapers online, you can read and search newspapers dating back over 150 years! Newspaper obituaries are a rich source of genealogy data.The unique search engine will locate names, and keywords to help you locate newspaper articles about any subject or person, including YOUR ancestors and obituaries. These obituary search tools will help you locate old and new obituaries online.Your going to continue to see more school closures & consolidations going forward, nothing going to stop the natural decline of small town North Dakota.Honestly, how many of the real small schools that are clinging on to there existence do you see throwing out 8th & 9th graders that have no business being on a varsity team yet?Region 2 titles from MPCG 96', 97', 02', & 03', Grafton 08'. Its not who wins the State Tourn, its who makes up the field.....Not trying to start anything but this should put to rest all the talk about privates & parochial schools. If you take a Field of 8 teams to fill the Brakets with only 40-100 students in 9-12, then you have what truly made class B great..back then if a Player's parents were to consider moving from one town to the next... Sorry, North Border 01', my point more than anything is that regions 2 & 4 have been pretty dominant over the past couple of decades.

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In some cases (not many), there are kids who are ready at that age, but more times than not, usually soph. Does anyone know if a person can go to a ND newspaper and get past sport stories from their archives ? Also where, if any place, could I buy books covering some of this information ?Lets all try to demonstrate the spirit of good sportsmanship. North Dakota Consolidated League Starting in 1922, up to 1950, the North Dakota Consolidated League composed of real small villages, and even township schools, conducted their own boys' tournament.In 1938 up to 1950, the Consolidated League also held tournaments for girls.on up are more ready to play than 8th & 9th graders. I really Believe there is a reality to the list starting from the beginning all the way to the early 80's, (with exception of a few teams in the 70's, like hillsboro and a couple others).... "Charlie"Every newspaper keeps copies of old newspapers, either hard copy or electronic.

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that it was the players that dictated how far they went verses the coaches and programs... There is still Blood that is driving the train in some communities out there but the Competitiveness and the summer ball and camps and weight rooms and coaches and programs play a much bigger part in the success of a team than it did back when... Most weeklies have older volumes that are in great big hard bound "books." You just walk in and ask to see such and such a year and they will pull it out for you.woodchuck10: good observation..was supposed to be Bottineau; its now fixed Flip: Nope they were schools back in the day.This pager will be transferred to each night security person in the Capitol after closing at 6 p.m.