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The "good guys" should always either tell the absolute truth or remain silent. Lively drama by a good team: scriptwriter, director, actors, OST composers. I particularly enjoy watching the three sisters with their very different characters. Especially I get crazy watching the chemistry between Lee joon and Jung so min...

This would not only be a good example for the viewer, it would be a way of improving the characterization of the Korean people as a whole. Elder sister Byun Hye-Young, the self-controlled and confident, bright and already tested lawyer who takes after her mother. They indeed chose the right people, I love the actors! If ever I meet them I would freakingling hug Lee hoon for so acting so well....mmmuuuuaaahhh to lee joon.....

Ahn Joong-Hee (Lee Joon) is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. Excellent drama, from ep 1 to 52, all the characters portrayed well. In addition, the storyline is good and logic enough to be understood. I love the ending especially the wedding and the dance performance of the children. This is one of the best KBS family drama I won't forget alongside "Wang's Family" where Kim Haesook is also a mom there, "What Happens to my Family", " Seoyoung, My daughter", "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop". Loved the ENDING, so Romantic and happy, wanted so bad to be at that wedding. Starring my most favorite actors, Lee Joon & Jung So Min I had to watch it and so glad I did.

One day, he appears in front of a family who consists Byun Han-Soo and Na Young-Sil and their 4 children including Hye-Young and Mi-Young (Jung So-Min). Still dissapointed that Lee Joon and Jung So Min didn't get KBS drama awards! i love the facts that Yuri, Hwa Young, Ryu Soo Young, Kim Young Chul won the awards but KBS missing Lee Joon And Jung So Min. I hope Lee Joon Win excellent actor too, i can't stand with his eyes that has shows many emotions and great acting. Lee Yu Ri was the best, from her wardrobe to her acting. All in all, KBS weekend family dramas are really great! To all the Cast, Crew and Production of My Father is Strange, Congratulations!!! Made me laugh, cry and sigh with the story just fell in love with every character.

Those 2 were the one i rooted and love in the dramas. Unlike some overrated famous actor who carry the same expression and way of talking in different roles which sometimes make me confuse that I am watching another different drama. One of the most amazing life like portrayals of family life shown on TV. This drama is so good and Lee Joon is so hot as always.

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There are many more younger looking and actress who can act better than Lee Mi Do for Yoo Joo’s role.

it is realistic and what i like most it tackles about bullying. REPLYING TO ftrd If you liked Lee Yu Ri, you should check out her other dramas. highly recommended This is the first time I watched a makjang soap and I had a lot of fun watching it. You'll learn many things in everyday life from Min-ha to Byun Han-soo who is Lee Yoon Seuk originally. Lee Joon and So Min perfect chemistry and connection. sad to see it ended but I'm happy that each and everyone's story had the perfect ending.

it's a great family drama, it tackles a day to day life of a family. Lee Mi Do obviously looks like she is towards her late 40’s and not suitable to act as 31 years old role. Why the directors choose Lee Mi Do to cast as Kim Yoo Joo? Goodness sick, Lee Mi Do is really toooooo OLD to act as a 31 yrs old lady. Lee Mi Do looks is more suitable to act as 50 yrs old role. I hope to see them again in another soap or maybe part two!! i watched this bc one of my fave actress is Jung So-min but i'm sad they should've lengthened so-min and lee joon's dating scenes This drama is very very light but very meaningful.

The drama came out in 2016 but unfortunately, not many people watched the drama so it has low ratings but I like the drama. I hope there would be another drama that would make me feel like giving and sharing my comment. Even if there's alot of episodes compared to other drama series that I've seen , still i don't wanna miss a single episode . Looking forward for a Season2 : D jebal OMG, it's already the end! Congrats to the producer,writer,scriptwriter , actors and director of this drama as well as the crew nd staff who made this wonderful family drama of the year possible.???

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Her acting is really good in the drama I totally recommend. anyways the 52 episodes really just gone like that and I am still looking for the next episode. The story is really that amazing i mean it's true to life that everyone can relate for . Hope LJ and JSM will make another drama in the future..pleaaaase....

It is a raw bag of the sweet, the good and the horrid. Congratulationns to all the actors and actresses, you are all very good and awesome. I love all characters in the Byun Family and supporting roles. But one thing I don't understand is why complicate things when the father was never really a criminal (he was innocent and all), they make a fuss like he realh did a crime when he didn't. I have watched many dramas with Lee Yu Ri playing a part, this is her finest!

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