Lister engine dating

07-Jun-2017 17:22

Lister D Video Clip 01 Double click the Lister D picture to see the video.

This clip shows you all around the engine while it's running.

Lister D's were produced right up until 1964 which says a great deal for their design. They are an ideal engine for anyone just starting out on their stationary engine hobby. I normally display this engine driving a 12 volt dynamo that powers a lighting board. Here you can see the exhaust and carburettor, with the linkage to the governor clearly shown.

This gives the engine some work to do as they don't like just running off load, they tend to soot up. The black box behind the belt driven dynamo is the voltage regulator.

I think 5Wxx or even 0Wxx multi grades can be an option to get you thru cold weather but there are things I’d note before doing so, most multi grades I see are detergents, and this means you will suspend stuff in the oil to carry it to the filter..

Phillip Hi Phillip, Yes I have looked at the EE flywheels and they are certainly an option, but I would like something with a bit of "patina" if possible, it will help with the appearance.

I like either of those flywheels and will check the measurements against the engine and the lathe again tomorrow.

I had a look at your earlier pictures and the crankshaft looks a fairly big diameter....

Have you had a look at the EE flywheels, some were pictured in the SEM Dec/Jan issues (Partsmart).I’d consider looking for additives that have a tad bit of zinc or other proven anti wear agents to help protect the most important thing in your engine..