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11-Oct-2017 13:42

However, the Soviet government had most of them arrested, executed or deported.The Soviet government aggressively promoted the ethnic Moldavian identity as different from the Romanian identity.Severe drought and famines were witnessed during the period of Soviet rule.

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Because these commitments have not been reviewed by the IRM, the data available may be limited.

The Government has achieved significant progress in delivering electronic public services for citizens and private sector, such as e-licensing, e-reporting, mobile signature, and online payment for public services.

The public service reform has been launched and the number of electronic services is constantly growing on the public services portal

The delivery of electronic services and their high uptake by beneficiaries contribute to fighting corruption in the public sector, as well as reducing costs associated with the traditional way of public service delivery.

Public institutions have been more actively engaged with citizens through social media networks, through the citizen participation portal they are adopting a government webpage template for better and easier user’s experience.

More data has already been open on public expenditure, health, economy, cadaster, and public servants’ income declarations as a reply to growing citizens’ demand for data.