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09-Sep-2017 14:50

And true friends are there to help you through it all. A good friend sticks with you in good times and bad.

I can not even begin to explain how grateful and lucky I am to have the friends that I do. A good friend accepts you for who you are, even when you’re being a butthead.

Armed citizens can often overreact, like when a Michigan woman opened fire on suspected shoplifters while they fled the scene.

Many of them also boast social media integration, testimonials, contact forms, built-in maps, and other features providing flawless online interaction with customers.“I think there’s this fantasy world of gunplay in the movies, but it doesn’t really happen that way.When I heard gunfire [in Iraq], I didn’t immediately pick up my rifle and react.I first tried to ascertain where the shooting was coming from, where I was in relation to the gunfire and how far away it was,” said retired Army Sgt. “I think most untrained people are either going to freeze up, or just whip out their gun and start firing in that circumstance.

I think they would absolutely panic.” Many combat veterans believe that civilian “good guys” taking on the “bad guys” during an active shooting isn’t as simple as it seems in movies and video games.

“We could have opened ourselves up to be potential targets ourselves, and not knowing where SWAT was, their response time, they wouldn’t know who we were, and if we had our guns ready to shoot, they could think that we were bad guys,” said Parker, Ben Carson infamously criticized those in Oregon who stood by, claiming that he would have attacked the shooter with a group of people.

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