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The 14th Infantry was sent to the Presidio of San Francisco in 1865 and from there the line companies were posted to stations in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington where they provided security for settlers and Army installations as well as participating in campaigns against hostile Indian tribes.Companies of the 14th fought the Apaches in 1866 in Arizona.CHINA RELIEF EXPEDITION In 1900, the Boxer Rebellion broke out in China.Dissident Chinese who opposed the growing western influence in China attacked foreign missions.INTRODUCTION At the end of the Civil War when asked where the 14th U. Infantry Regiment should be placed in the Grand Review in Richmond, Virginia celebrating the Union victory, General George Meade, Commander of the Army of the Potomac said, “To the right of the line.

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Finally on 26 July 1869 the 45th Infantry of the Veteran’s Reserve Corps was consolidated with the 14th Infantry.Pitched battles were rare and except for the major engagements at Manila, Laguna de Bay, Zapote River and Cavite, minor skirmishes, ambushes, long marches and reconnaissance occupied the 14th Infantry in 1899.