Updating failed even after wow repair

03-Oct-2017 05:30

updating failed even after wow repair-18

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Following the instructions here after logging into my account, i cannot get the network repair utility to work.

Opening Live Logging in another tab, or going to hub Events after initiating network repair does nothing, no messages anything like in this thread, no indication any repair is happening or was successful or not.

Known issues for Windows Universal App Development can be found in the forum Known Issues for Windows 10 SDK and Tools.

You may have to restart your computer after you install this package.

updating failed even after wow repair-27

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When I attempt to do a network repair inside of the zwave utilities, I don’t get any action being performed on the hub.

Alternatively after logging in, go to My Hubs, scroll down and look for "List Events" and click on that. Here are some common messages I see during a repair process, and how I interpret them: (I'm sure there's an official definition for these messages) @JDRoberts, care to chime in?

"Z-Wave device [ID]: Not responding" - This is an orphaned device, typically from manually removing/deleting a device without it being properly excluded (I think).

The biggest puzzler for me is that their were many other zwave repeaters for those devices to connect to.

Shouldn't it be the case that those devices that wer…

When I see this message I know I have a device that is no longer controllable and needs re-included (Replace function via the phone app), or requires a General Device Exclusion.