Updating meade autostar 497 controller

28-Aug-2017 16:32

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The instructions below will have you set your Auto-Connect to EXT.

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The power cell uses a voltage pump to deliver 5V to the GPS.

This *must* be set to OFF, otherwise the CGE may get the time from the RTC instead of the GPS. If your HC version is 5.28or higher then you will need to update the handset firmware using the version posted at Archive_February_2016_2_5.25.4320(refer to general instructions at Celestron Firmware Manager).

NOTE: The latest Nex Star and Starsense handsets have a USB port instead of an RS232 port, but other than that they are identical to the older handsets.

This should not really pose a problem for astronomers, since we are quite used to converting local time to UT and vice versa.

Accurate local time is not necessary in the keypad as long as the keypad can correctly calculate UT, which it does with Star GPS.

For example, for those of us in the US who might be setting up in the evening, UT may already be into "tomorrow," so tomorrow's date could be the correct entry.