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Several implementations also start a basic HTTP server on port 5800 N to provide a VNC viewer as a Java applet, allowing easy connection through any Java-enabled web-browser.Different port assignments can be used as long as both client and server are configured accordingly.It is also possible to run multiple VNC sessions from the same computer.On Microsoft Windows the VNC session served is always the current user session.This encoding works very well if only a small portion of the screen changes from one frame to the next (as when a mouse pointer moves across a desktop, or when text is written at the cursor), but bandwidth demands get very high if a lot of pixels change at the same time (such as when scrolling a window or viewing full-screen video).VNC by default uses TCP port 5900 N, where N is the display number (usually :0 for a physical display).In its simplest form, the VNC protocol can use a lot of bandwidth, so various methods have been devised to reduce the communication overhead.For example, there are various encodings (methods to determine the most efficient way to transfer these rectangles).

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VNC and RFB are registered trademarks of Real VNC Ltd. Developers who worked on VNC while still at the AT&T Research Lab include: Following the closure of ORL in 2002, several members of the development team (including Richardson, Harter, Weatherall and Hopper) formed Real VNC in order to continue working on open-source and commercial VNC software under that name.

Alternatively (depending on the implementation) a browser can connect to the server (default port: 5800).